PAMIS was a EUREKA Project  E!  2309

Production Techniques for Application Specific Microsystems

and their Integration in Electronic Components

In PAMIS 17 European companies and research organisations are working together, in order to carry out

common research on improvements of the production of microsensors.

  • Production equipment manufacturers, improving fabrication equipment: Xenon - Dresden, Technical University Dresden

  • Sensor producers and component manufacturers: ADZ Nagano - Dresden on pressure sensors; IAI-CSIC and Keraben in Spain on piezoelectric devices; SenSiTEC in Wetzlar on magnetoresistive current sensors, Siemens AG in Munich on strain sensors, ifw and M+S in Jena on acceleration sensors

  • MST users: EMH Elgama in Vilnius, Lithuania on electricity counters; ASG Weinheim on agricultural machines; IPM-RAS and MTK in Moskow, Russia on robotics, Monition in UK on machine surveillance

sgt Sensor Consulting Dr. Guido Tschulena was involved in the formation of the consortium, in assisting the project coordination, in carrying out market and cost analyses, and in public relation activities.