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of Dr. Guido Tschulena

Position Principal of sgt Sensorberatung Dr. Guido Tschulena, D 61273 Wehrheim, Germany, founded 1993

Formerly Senior Scientist for Sensor Technology at the Battelle Institut e.V., Frankfurt/Main, Germany

University Education Dr. phil., University of Vienna, Austria, Thesis on Semiconductur Physics
Professional Experience Development Experience in Semiconductor Devices, Screen Printing Sensors, Silicon Micromachining Devices, Micro-optics
Studies and Consulting For Industry and Governmental Organizations, in Particular on Sensors and Electronic Materials, including Worldwide Multiclient Studies on Markets and Technologies

Tech Watch Studies 

  • Head up Displays
  • Vision and IR Sensor Systems for Driver Assistance
  • Analysis of European Materials Research
  • Tunnel Fire Detection  Sensors
  • Automotive Yaw Rate Sensors 
  • Seat Occupancy Sensors
    • Micromechanics
    • Sensors: Miniaturisation and Integration
    • Sensors in Manufacturing and Process Technology
Marketing of Development and Consulting Activities Including Organization of Conferences, Fairs and Seminars in Europe, Far East, USA and South America.
Public Activities More than 140 Publications, 5 Books (Editor, Author); 24 Patent Applications, a Lecture at the Fachhochschule Gießen-Friedberg on "Sensor Technology" (1986 - 1994).

As Member of the AMA - Arbeitsgemeinschaft Meßwertaufnehmer, the Industrial Association of the German Sensor Industry, he is Chairing the Special Interest Board on "Micro System Technology".

Member of the NEXUS Task Force "MST Market Analysis" in 2005, 2001 and in 1997, and as Chairman of the NEXUS User-Supplier -Club Household Appliances since 1999.

Member of VDE-VDI Fachausschuß Mikrooptik

Manager of the MST Network Rhein Main