sgt Sensor Consulting Dr. Guido Tschulena

sgt Sensor Consulting Dr. Guido Tschulena (founded 1993) is providing information on markets and technologies for industry and for public authorities in the area of sensors, micro-optics, micro-technology and latest also nano-technology and related products and materials. Also the cost efficient production is addressed. These information is necessary for the growth of companies and product lines; it  provide specific analyses on markets, applications, competition, marketing, up to research and development, including international co-operations. 

Dr. Guido R. Tschulena was previosly Sensior Scientist on Sensors at the Battelle-Institut e. V. in Frankfurt am Main.

He received his education to Ph Dr. of  Philosophy at the University of Vienna, Austria, with specialisation in the  area of semiconductor physics.

Dr. Tschulena is manager of the mst-Netzwerk Rhein Main e.V since 2007

Dr. Tschulena was 1995 - 2008 Chairman of a Special Interest Group on Mikrosystemtechnik in the AMA, the Association of the German Sensor Industry. 

He founded in 1999 and chaired the European NEXUS User-Supplier-Club Household Appliances.